Yoga and Psychotherapy Consultation

Life can be full of surprises.  Some of those surprises are ones you like and find joyful.  Some of them leave you shaking your head, chagrined at how life can throw you a curve ball.  The transitions you live through can serve up tremendous challenges: changing careers; moving to a new city; a change in your relationship status; finding out that you’re pregnant (or not pregnant); mourning the loss of a loved one; getting ready for retirement. . .   


Or maybe you’re not going through a transition. Maybe you’re stuck, trapped in a place or a situation that is holding you back from the kind of life you would really want. Whether you’re in the middle of big changes or feeling that life is stagnant, you need a place where you can reflect, slow down to absorb and feel the changing rhythms of your life.  



Yet bringing attention to your habits and ways of engaging with community that no longer serve you can be challenging.  So why do it alone?  At Awareness Yoga, your own lived experience is welcomed! Embarking on a journey of self-exploration through yoga and/or psychotherapy can dramatically impact your relationship to your own life and physical well-being!  Find out how an open, enquiring attitude can help you rediscover something that is easily forgotten amid today’s frantic lifestyles: your innate capacity to treat yourself with gentleness and respect.



Karin believes it is not necessary to be in crisis to enjoy the benefits of psychotherapy and yoga. Developing a therapeutic relationship can help bring to the forefront those ways in which we interact with our family, intimate partners and the community at large.  Karin integrates the principals of Buddhist psychology into her work.  For Karin, yoga is more than physical excercise: it’s a way of strengthening and stretching the body while simultaneously exploring the mind and spirit. She can help you find a way to reduce stress, increase strength and improve flexibility of your body and mind by using a combination of therapeutic approaches drawn from the rich traditions of yoga, psychotherapy and non-dual philosophies. 



When you connect with Karin, you’ll find she creates a warm, welcoming atmosphere of empowerment and provides clients with the space to explore the way we interact with our world through feelings, sensations and thoughts.  She is currently offering her teachings through workshops, advanced study classes, yoga teacher trainings and private consultation. 


If you’re looking to dive deeply into discovering what motivates you and how you interact with your loved ones, she can help.  You can find Karin in Littleton and Denver, Colorado, practicing and teaching yoga as a lifestyle, engaging with others through psychotherapy. 

Please email her to inquire about a workshop or to schedule an appointment.  

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